• Enzyme Enhanced Oil Recovery

    The world's most advanced, proven, and eco-friendly

    enhanced oil recovery system.
  • Proven Performance

    The world's most advanced, proven, and eco-friendly

    enhanced oil recovery system.
  • Rapid Worldwide Delivery

    GreenZyme ships non-regulated by passenger or

    cargo air to any point on the globe.
  • Expert Support

    Our experienced engineers provide world-class support

    before, during, and after your EEOR project.
  • Capability and Performance

    GreenZyme performs throughout a wide-range of strata

    types including tar sands, rock, and soils.
  • Undersea Capable

    GreenZyme EEOR performs equally well in both onshore

    and offshore applications.
  • The Perfect Maintenance Solution

    GreenZyme removes sludge and buildup in refineries,

    pipeline systems, and storage farms.
  • Marine Applications

    GreenZyme releases crude oil and heavy bunker buildup

    in ship's tanks and transfer systems.


reenZyme is an environmentally-safe protein-based nonliving catalyst that stimulates oil well production, aids in the cleanup of sludge in Superfund sites, and removes clogging in pipelines, refineries, storage facilities, and ships’ storage tanks. GreenZyme has a proven history of significantly increasing the recovery of crude oil from most wells, both onshore and offshore.

Since 1999, GreenZyme has been in continuous use as a production stimulating catalyst in enhanced oil recovery (EOR) operations. GreenZyme is the world’s first bio-enzyme catalyst used in EOR and has treated thousands of wells. NIXUS International is an authorized distributor operating throughout the Americas, Europe, the Middle East, Africa and Asia.

  • GreenZyme is a biological liquid enzyme—a protein-based nonliving catalyst—that is used to enhance production of oil in wells, release oil trapped in sands, remove sludge from crude oil-bearing transfer and storage vessels, and aid in the cleanup of accident sites and contaminated areas. GreenZyme is proven to stimulate depleting oil wells to produce higher volumes over a longer period of time than if left untreated. GreenZyme typically increases well production by 90% or more, and often doubles crude oil output. GreenZyme may be used to increase production of oil from wells that have been treated, or have resisted, other methods of enhanced recovery including chemical, thermal, and microbe treatments.
  • Crude oil adheres to the porous surface of sand and rock, effectively becoming trapped. GreenZyme enhances crude oil recovery by wetting the surface of the sand or rock at the molecular level. GreenZyme instantly transforms the adhesive surface of the sand or rock from a water-wetted surface, to a GreenZyme/water-wetted surface. The GreenZyme/water-wetted surface is dynamically oleophobic (lacking affinity for oils). The cohesive forces acting on the oil molecules are dramatically increased, causing the oil molecules to ball up and release from the sand or rock surface where they enter the water column and can be easily recovered.
  • Wells treated with GreenZyme will typically increase daily production output by 90% or greater, and often double in production two weeks after being treated. These enhanced levels of production normally continue for a period ranging between 18 months and 3 years or longer. Because GreenZyme is a non-consumable substance and does not suffer from substantial levels of degradation, EOR operations conducted with GreenZyme outperform most other methods of EOR.
  • GreenZyme EOR requires no special tools, equipment, or training. It is infinitely soluble in produced water and insoluble in oil. Therefore, to apply GreenZyme, simply dilute it with produced water to create a 1%–10% solution. This solution is then injected by pump through the well’s casing-tubing. The well is shut-in for just a few days to allow the solution to fully disperse. Once dispersed, normal production operations may be resumed.
  • By enhancing the production of existing wells, GreenZyme enhances return on investment and offers an expedient and cost-efficient alternative to exploration and drilling in order to meet increased demand. GreenZyme's non-hazardous nature means no costly cleanup, remediation, legal liabilities, or fines. GreenZyme EOR requires only a pump capable of 5,000 psi, a large mobile mixing tank for diluting GreenZyme, and saline or produced water.
  • GreenZyme is the most environmentally-safe EOR method available.non-toxic, non-pathogenic, environmentally safe, and requires no special handling. GreenZyme has a near-neutral pH (5–7). It is biodegradeable and requires no cleanup or disposal. Because GreenZyme is safe, it can be transported as non-regulated cargo. This allows GreenZyme to be rapidly shipped to customers anywhere in the world by passenger air carrier.